Once the app has been downloaded you will have access to many features. To gain full access to the full capabilities of this amazing tool, you will be asked to pay a nominal monthly fee.
Go to “settings” and then click “password” and you can create your new password there.
Go to “settings” and then click “manage subscriptions” and you can adjust or delete your account.
Yes, you can take a picture at home, categorize it then use the search feature on the receipt page for location auto-fill (type the business name, city and province/state. It's that easy!
It's based on Canadian/US expenditure indices as well as financial gurus, we have come up with a budget that will help you save money as well as plan for the future. Just input your yearly income and voila!
Yes. you can adjust the percentage of each category in order to accommodate your current situation.
No. Category budgets reset at the end of each month. This is an easier way to keep track of your finances. (You must be aware if there are unpaid bills, this will remain live if you set up bill reminders under recurring bills)
Net worth is your total assets (i.e. home, investments, income, art, stamp collection, money on hand as well as in the bank) minus your liabilities (debt).
Yes, this will allow you to track where your money is being spent. you can then search by tags or categories.
Yes. in your main menu you can go under export transactions and type in which month(s) based on categories, bank accounts and tags. A report will be emailed to you.
Yes you can. When you export you will be given the opportunity to send a secure link to your email address. You can then forward that link to whom ever you choose. The link that is sent will expire in 7 days so you don't need to worry that it will be available to just anyone.
Yup! That's one of the great features of the App. Once you've entered the reoccurring bill, it will remind you 7 days before the due date (push notification also comes in 7 days before). When you have due bills, a red circle in the top right of the app icon will show you how many due bills you have. Be sure to go in and mark it paid once you perform your transaction.
Not yet, but you've read our mind. We are working on it and will make sure to keep all our Koind nation is aware of the new development in the future.
Yes you definitely can. In the Budget Control section you can click on the settings tool and adjust your income as you see fit.
Nope! You can include as many accounts as you have in order to keep an accurate tracking of your money.
This percentage bar lets you know how much of the budget is left overall or for the particular category.
On the dashboard you can click on the search icon and type in a keyword or tag and search for the transaction that way.
This percentage bar lets you know how much of the budget is left overall or for the particular category.
As long as you keep your paid account active we will have 7 years worth of your data available for your use.
We keep your data for 60 days before purging them from our servers.
Payment & Billing
Subscribing to Koind is easy and automatic after the trial period ends. We charge your Apple account $2.79 CAD every month as soon as your trial period ends. If you feel you no longer need the premium features, we realize that things happen, that's okay. We are here to help you out as much as possible... you may continue to use Koind for free! but no longer have access to the premium features which are worth their weight in gold.
If you must leave the App entirely, (we’d hate to see you leave), you can opt-out at any time.

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