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Koind helps you change your spending habits and save money ... the easy way.

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Map Your Spending

You can run but you can’t hide

  • After you snap a picture of your receipt, your location is captured and you simply confirm the location!
  • KOIND uses the world’s largest repository of location data and does a cyber-tally of your spending habits.

Reality kicks in when your spending habits are visualized… The EUREKA MOMENT!….!!! We are going to need you to step back from the lattes.


Yep….just like the one you see in your Boss’s Mercedes. (Watch you don’t leave fingerprints on the window…) It’s got everything you need to drive you on the road to financial success.

One View

Everything you really need is right here on the dashboard. Your quick summary overview and access to the functionality you’ll use 99% of the time you log into Koind.

Adding Expenses and Income is Easy

Let’s face it, this needs to be easy if you are going to make it part of your routine. Our dashboard is built to let you quickly add expenses income and photos of receipts.

Using your iPhone, be sure to hold still and have enough light and space to get a good image. The process only takes about 5 seconds! Yes, you read it right, 5 seconds! And if you can’t afford to spend that little amount of time monitoring your spending….and saving for a rainy day…then your life is wayyyy too crowded. We are telling you, for the sake of your wallet, you need to give this a try!

All Your Accounts

It’s time to track why you start the day with $20 in your pocket, and end the day with $1.85 and to find out if the weekly trip to the movies is keeping you from the vacation you always want but can never afford.

It’s easy to add different accounts for your tracking (savings, chequing, credit cards etc) or you can just as easily lump into single categories to keep things even easier.

Your dashboard is like a personal control centre (You are in command here!). You completely direct what you spend, how you spend it, and where you spend it. We help you steer away from stuff that leads to financial stress. It all gets captured, sorted, and stored. So you don’t have to do it. (You can thank us again!)


Everything you need in one place

Easy Access

All of your data is stored securley in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere that has an internet or data connection.

Photo Capture

Quickly snap pictures of your receipts while checking out at your favorite shop.

Map Your Spending

Location and store name are automatically populated to help you track your spending by store.


No more end of the year scramble to send your receipts to your accountant. With a few easy screen taps, your accountant will have everything they need.


Easily identify the ‘where’ both by physical location and category. It’s like sorting through your sock drawer, but not having to do the actual sorting!


Add custom images to each category and set your budget percentages exactly as you need.

Recurring Bills

Set up a recurring bill and get automatically notified of due dates via Apple Push Notifications.

Share With Your Accountant

Send a link to your accountant with relevant receipts. Links are automatically generated on each export and sent to you via email.

Tips - To Make Your Life Better

About Us

How did Koind come along?

For many years, we both enjoyed the luxury of designer menswear, crisp shoes that told people how awesome we were, and dining out at upscale restaurants in hopes of being part of the Who’s Who in town. But that was a short-lived lifestyle `cause the realities of life set in.
Now we’re two married guys who know exactly where our money should go (or where the wives want it to go!). It took a while. But we’re still learning…and still improving. This app makes it easy and efficient. Without turning us into neurotic savers.
It all started when one of us guys was frustrated and overwhelmed by the thought of budgeting (Actually, and more accurately, he hates budgeting, but knows he needs it!) and started designing “The Plan”. Then in 2012, (now enters the other guy…) over a few drinks, tons of brainstorming, and a desire to create a way to help “big-time” spenders monitor their spending, “The Idea” was hatched.

Pricing plans for cloud service Try the app risk free. It is free forever*.



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$2.79 / mo

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$5 / mo

Location Based Spending Yes Yes Yes
Recurring Bills Yes Yes Yes
Saving Receipt Images No Yes Yes
Exporting Expenses No Yes Yes
Web App Access No Yes Yes
Linked Accounts No No Yes

*Subscription to cloud services is extra.

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