Now, I’m not against doing something extra special but, personally, the most memorable and sweetest dates are the spontaneous and intimate. You don’t always have to drop some dough to have a special moment. Besides, most of us girls are suckers when our special person takes the initiative to make us feel special, just because! So, here’s five ideas that won’t neglect your budget and promote some quality bonding!

  1. Take Dance Lessons. Okay, not everyone may find dancing as enjoyable as I do (I have Colombian roots, what can I say?), however, you don’t have to become a pro by the end of the lesson. Most classes are only an hour or so long, teaching the basics of the style of dance you choose. If you do pick it up, you two will impress everyone with your new skills at the next wedding reception. But don’t take yourselves too seriously! The point is to have fun together.
  2. Cook a new recipe together. This is an exciting opportunity to refine your cooking skills with a new cuisine. So try something new. You may be impressed with each other’s abilities! The goal is, not to create a Michelin-star dish, but to work together as a team and learn something new about each other. Worse comes to worse, you can laugh about the experience order some take-out. 
  3. Go to a free festival. Most cities have a surprising amount of festivals and events that are either free, or quite the deal. In one day, I went to six festivals, all free entrance, in downtown Toronto! Even the smaller cities offer some fun events. For example, in Rochester, New York, they host a Lilac festival and the Xerox International Jazz Festival. At these, you’ll find tons of food trucks, vendors, and free live entertainment.
  4. Explore National or State parks. This is a great way to see the natural scenery around you, get active, and spend some one-on-one time with him (or her) in a relaxed setting. Many of these parks offer stunning trails that you can walk, hike, bike, or even take by horse. If you want to take it to the next level, some may offer waterfall climbing, rafting, camping, canoeing, and dozens of other activities.
  5. Visit a winery or brewery. This is a relaxing way to taste and learn about your local area’s craft. Besides, who doesn’t like drinking wine or beer? Most wineries or breweries also have special events, live music, tours, discount tastings, or even free tastings. You can spend as little as you want or as much as you want at these locations.

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