When it comes to hair, I may be overly obsessed with having the healthiest, and shiniest hair possible. To me, healthy hair is more beautiful than expertly-styled, damaged hair. However, through trial and error, I’ve learned that you don’t have to pay premium for dozens of products laden with chemicals that probably aren’t the greatest for us or our oceans. These are just some natural and inexpensive ideas that have helped my hair stay strong and shiny!

  1. Use a silk pillowcase. Not only will you feel more luxurious, but sleeping with a silk pillowcase can reduce sweating, increase moisture retention, and is allergy friendly. Cotton is more abrasive and can cause more split ends in your hair. Using a silk pillowcase will also preserve your styled hair, which means more time sleeping in and less restyling.
  2. Sleep with hair protective hairstyles. Ladies, we’ve all woken up to our hair mangled and messy, to where even our pets are slightly frightened. By gently braiding your hair, twisting in a bun, and/or using hair ties that don’t leave kinks, you’ll prevent a lot of breakage and split ends. It’ll also reduce the amount of hair loss from brushing a mangled head of hair.
  3. DIY hair remedies. You don’t have to go crazy with this one. Personally, the thought of my hair covered in egg makes my skin crawl. But something simple like applying coconut oil, jojoba, or most other cold-pressed oils on your ends right before bed will help tremendously. Although not the best smelling, I personally dilute apple cider vinegar with water and rinse my hair with it right before I hop out of the shower. This simple and cheap trick will add shine to your hair better than most expensive salon products.
  4. Use a brush that won’t cause breakage. I recently learned that brushing my hair wet with the wrong brush was causing breakage, even at my roots. To keep your local healthy, use a wide tooth comb. With dry hair, brush your hair with a horsehair (or vegan alternative) bristle brush. This will add to your already-shiny hair.
  5. Take a break from the flat iron. The majority of us use a blow dryer, flat iron, and/or curling iron on a daily basis. However, picking a day or few in the week to let your hair breathe will be noticeable. You’ll reduce damage, split ends, increase retained moisture, and the hair follicles will strengthen.  Even a break from hairspray, mousses, and gels will allow your hair to recover.

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