If you could save money while traveling to your favorite places and maintain the same level of quality, wouldn’t you take that money and run with it? Nowadays, there are thousands of apps that help us find what we are looking for, in a matter of seconds. So, why not use them while traveling? Here’s five apps that helped me to do just that: 

1. GasBuddy- Whether you’re taking a road trip, or want to save some cash for the commute to work, using an app like GasBuddy can help. You’ll be able to find the lowest fuel prices near you, without driving around the block. You can even search gas stations by amenities offered, such as car washes and restaurants.  

2. SkyScanner– This app is, surprisingly, quite efficient in finding the best rates for flights, hotels, and car rentals (all without any booking fees or hidden charges). I, personally, have not been able to find better flight fares than what this app finds for mainstream airlines. Even better, this app allows you to earn frequent flyer miles! It’s no wonder they have been awarded by the New York Times, Refinery 29, and a few others.

3. Find Me Gluten Free– For those who have dietary restrictions, traveling and eating out can be quite stressful and risky. Having a dairy allergy and celiac disease myself, I know that even cross contamination can be enough to ruin my evening out or a whole vacation. This app helps those that need gluten-free options/accommodations search for dining options near them. It’s always a huge plus to be able to preview a gluten-free menu ahead of time.

4. Koind This app allows you to maintain your budget on-the-go, because let’s be honest… we’re all ‘on-the-go’. You can take pictures of receipts, itemize and categorize your bills. So when you return from your getaway, you’re not left wondering what happened to all of your spending (or even savings) money! 

5. Groupon- While living in the Bay Area of California, I was pleasantly surprised at how many deals I could get on spa retreats, dining experiences, hotels and tourist attractions/tours. Groupon even offers a setting that notifies you of activities or events going on during your next scheduled getaway.

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